Online payment facility in Shree Kshethra & other news

Online payment facility in Shree Kshethra

To help devotees, Paytm facility has been introduced in Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala for online payments. Recently, D Harshendra Kumar inaugurated the new facility, where one can perform transactions online. Supriya Harshendra Kumar, Pooran Verma were present on the occasion. This facility can be utilized for payment for special worship, various services and for Annadana.


Dr Heggade gets Pennsylvania University award

Recognizing the special achievements in rural development and women’s empowerment, Pennsylvania University of United States of America honoured Dharmadhikari Dr D Veerendra Heggade with ‘Outstanding Leadership in Rural Development and Women Empowerment’ award.

Pennsylvania University Professor Femida Handy handed over the award shield and citation to Shri Heggade during her visit to Shri Kshethra recently. We can recall that a team of staff and nine students visited Dharmasthala for study. The team also met Shri Heggade and collected information.

The team also visited to the head office of Shri Dharmasthala Siri Gramodyoga Samsthe and its production, sales complex. In Udupi district, they visited SKDRDP sponsored Pragatibandhu, self-help groups, Jnanavikasa Kendra and group meetings for their study.


New machine invented to help cleanliness drive

Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala, which is recognised as most clean religious institution in the country is in revolutionary mode towards cleanliness. Now there is a bit more technical support to implement the idea of ‘Swaccha Dharmasthala’.

On the occasion of Deepotsava, the density of people more and obviously they threw wastage here and there. Collecting the wastage and cleaning environment was a huge challenge. As a solution for this headache, the staff and students of SDM Polytechnic College came up with ‘Riktha Power’ vacuum cleaner. The machine is based on the idea called Ventury Effect, developed under the guidance of S.D.M Education Institutions Secretary Dr B Yashovarma. This works with effective suction of wastage. The machine which can weigh upto 50 to 60 kilograms, has a blower, ventury, suction pipe kind of primary parts.

The moving air through the blower, creates vacuum in the suction pipe and helps to pull the wastages inside the machine. It sucks wastes like paper, plastic, water bottle and small wastages inside the pipe. This machine can be attached to the vehicles like pick up, auto, lorry etc and the wastage inside the suction pipe will be collected in the vacant place of the vehicle.

This user friendly machine which costs around Rs 45,000, is the first of its kind by the S.D.M Polytechnic College students. This machine would help to continue cleanliness work, in case of scarcity of workers. Already the machine proved handy during Lakshadeepotsava celebrations.

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