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Gangamma tells thanks to Jnanavikasa

Gangamma is from Chennakeshava Nagara of Belur taluk in Hassan district. Her family with two kids was in deep trouble because of poverty and illiteracy. Then she got a helping hand in the form of Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project.

Gangamma was a member of Nethravati group and Nandagokula Jnanavikasa Kendra. She got Rs 50,000 Pragati Nidhi from SKDRDP and impressed everyone with her regular payments and utilization of money. To achieve progress in her life, Gangamma started to sale bangles. She also knows basket making and runs a small shop.

Now, Gangamma is called as multi-talented in the group. As a Jnanavikasa centre member, she can adjust easily with others, manage responsibilities and she has become better speaker. There is improvement in standard of life and confidence is doubled. She expresses her heartfelt to gratitude towards SKDRDP and never forgets to attend monthly Jnanavikasa meetings.