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Rose from Prasadam bags…no magic here!

You might have observed, in temples they usually distribute Prasadam in small bags made out of threads. We may use such bags to bring vegetables and grocery for few days before throwing them into dustbins. But, Vasanti of Pervaje in Bellare division of Sullia taluk has mastered the skill of preparing roses out of thread bags.

Vasanti is a member of ‘Matrushri’ Jnanavikasa team, which is working hard to convert our society plastic-free under the leadership of Hemavathi V. Heggade. She has also conducted a one-day training programme for other 42 members of the group. In fact, Vasanti was interested in preparing decorative items from plastic and paper since her childhood. After joining the SKDRDP, she got a platform to showcase her talent. “Vasanti herself prepares the flower bouquets for various programmes here,” says Jnanavikasa Coordinator Mamata.

Vasanti collects thread bags from others also. She has mastered the art cutting the bags in shape and folding them in the shape of rose. It needs around two to three days. This work is done with the help of fingers. The pieces of bags should be folded like rose pallets and it should be stitched using glue. Usually she keeps herself busy with this work during breaks. Around five to six roses can be prepared with small bag and up to 10 from the bigger bag.

These kinds of flowers can be utilized for stage decoration, welcome arch and other occasions. For most of the SKDRDP programmes in the region, Vasanti and team prepares the decorative flowers. Moreover, these flowers can be used as decorative items in houses. Vasanti is also known for preparing decorative items like bags of plastic wires, flower pots etc.

Vasanti’s attempt to add value to wastages is appreciable. Her advice, guidance can be helpful to many other members of the group, if they show interest in the artwork.