Agriculture Division

The Agriculture division is one of our priority as well as large division. This division was created with a purpose of providing loans as well as tranferring farming knowledge. The division works with farmer whio is part of "Pragathi Bandhu" Group. To develop the economic status of farmers this department conducts programmes like agriculture extension, technology transfer, farm development, farmers field school, green energy programmes, barren land development etc...

Being a important and busiest division of SKDRDP, The division has unique organizational structure. This division has 1 director at Head Office who looks after all the programs.  The manager of Siddhavana nursery located at Nir Chilume, Ujire, D.K reports directly to Director, due its importance as R & D centre. The division is further subdivided on the lines of Agriculture Extension Project and Green Energy Project.

There is a huge array of programs conducted by Agriculture division.

  • Agriculture Extension
  • Farm Development
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Non-Agricultural Activities
  • Irrigation and Water source development programs
  • Agriculture Mechanization
  • Green Energy Program
  • Programmes with Special Grants
  • Organic Village Scheme
  • SRI - Systematic Rice Intensification Program
  • SSI - Sustainibale Sugarcane Initiative
  • Barren Land Development
  • SFC- SRI Farmers Community
  • Foot and Mouth disease immunization program