Education Programs

SKDRDP provides support to the rural schools for acquiring better facilities like buildings, electrifications, drinking water etc., through its Jnanadeepa education programme. It also provides teachers support to schools having shortage of teachers. Thus the organization is acting as an important service provider for better education in the villages.

There are 3 programs in education enabling activities.

  1. Jnana Deepa - to Provide Infrastructure Facilities for schools.
  2. Navachetana - aid to schools for differently abled children.
  3. Sujnana Nidhi - scholarship to poor students.

SKDRDP makes an effort to put a check on school dropout rates through the implementation of the Jnanadeepa project. This project meets the infrastructure needs of the schools by providing basic amenities like drinking water, construction of toilets and classrooms. SKDRDP provides financial assistance for the purchase of teaching equipments, sports materials, tables and chairs. Electrification of schools, construction of playgrounds, compound wall construction, repair and renovation of buildings are also supported.

Part time teachers are recruited and assigned wherever required to schools deficient in teachers. This has a high success rate of drawing dropouts back. All these programs are conducted on participatory basis. The schools betterment committees have to make the necessary plans and invest 80% of funds through local initiatives. Through such efforts, SKDRDP hopes to ensure that all children receive primary education.

It is observed that millions of children in the country are suffering from disabilities and have different abilities. In order to encourage their abilities to enable them to lead a normal life, several schools for differently abled have been started which may be handicapped by lack of capital. To enable such unique institutions to access to financial resources it is proposed to establish a funding program to such schools annually subject to conditions. The funds are provided as a grant to the selected schools to create specific assets. Since inception 26 were assisted to the tune of Rs. 26.70 lakhs to complete civil and other works valued at Rs. 391.10 lakhs.

SKDRDP has initiated a scholarship scheme named Sujnananidhi to create awareness among the SHG members about the possibilities in technical education and to motivate and assist them to send their children for technical training. The project has received a lot of appreciation and financial support from banks, philanthropic organizations and individuals and government departments.

Under this scheme a scholarship, every year 2,000 students get monthly Rs.1000/- each for technical courses like BE, MBBS, BAMS and BDS. The scholarship is available till the end of the said courses. Similarly a scholarship of Rs. 400/- per month will be available to 6,000 students every year for technical courses like TCH, DPEd, BEd, Nursing, ITI and Diploma courses.