Environment Programs

SKDRDPsupports the basic Infrastructure facilities, to make a better living habitat for the poor. The habitat imporovement programs range from financial support to active development. Some programs are geared towrds individuals and other are commmunity level programs. The programs are managed by 3 divisions of SKDRDP.

The various programmes by SKDRDP for the development of living habitat are.

  1. Alternative Energy Sources - loans and assistence in building alternate energy sources like Solar and Bio-gas for households.
  2. Pragathivana - afforestation and gardening awareness and water conservation schemes.
  3. Rain Water Harvesting - to help construct common irrigation system for each SHG's involved in Farming.
Green Energy

SKDRDP encourages the use of renewable indigenously-available energy sources for lighting and fuel requirements in underserved remote villages. These include solar energy, cow dung and mini streams. This decreases the adverse impact of conventional power generation sources upon the environment while increasing the provision of electricity to the vast rural areas.

SKDRDP finances the installation of solar home lighting systems, solar driers and gobar gas plants. These programs are conducted in a sustainable manner by motivating the stakeholder to make the necessary investments for installation of the unit. The private sector provides both the technology and the material support. The stakeholders are also encouraged to apply for government subsidies wherever available.Besides SKDRDP also gives subsidy to meet a part of the cost of gobar gas plants.

Training is usually arranged to inform villagers on the sources of renewable energy. Thereafter SKDRDP identifies interested beneficiaries and follows up for installation of the units.


In order to motivate the villagers to protect the environment, SKDRDP has taken up environment conservation initiatives, predominantly implemented through self-help groups. SKDRDP focuses mainly on afforestation and water conservation and has developed a concrete program to address these issues. Such initiatives include awareness programs, mass plantings of saplings at schools, forests, private and public temple lands and increased plantings of medicinal trees.

One of the earliest plans prepared by the pragathi bandhu is to dig open well and acquire water pumping systems and supply system. Normally the wells are dug by the group members. Pragathinidhi loans are availed to acquire the irrigation equipments. To meet the water requirements irrigation facilities are taken up by the stakeholders which includes the pump sets, sprinklers and aid to dig wells as this is the only water source in many places. Crops such as arecanut, coconut, banana and vegetables are cultivated in irrigated areas through organic methods.