SKDRDP recognizes the importance of creating opportunities job and development for people. Thus, through rehabilitation programs SKDRDP aims to integrate the poor and marginalized, especially the women, into the mainstream society by making them skilled, able and confident to contribute to the development of themselves and of the society at large. Since the process of rehabilitation is always difficult, SKDRDP carries out this program by providing help through the Self-help Groups and assist them to be integrated into the society. Apart from Rehabilitation efforts SKDRDP strives to bring them into mainstream society by its post rehabilitation activities like

The main program of Rehabilitation Scheme is called as

  1. Janajagruthi - a liquor deaddiction campaign.

SKDRDP in its experience has found that addiction to liquor is a major bane for poor people. To wean away the working class from liquor SKDRDP in support from the public has promoted Janajagruthi a movement against alcoholism. Under this programme awareness is created through village meets, house to house canvas, jathas and community deaddiction camps against alcoholism. In the deaddiction camps addicts are treated and counseled. This is one of the more successful social initiatives of SKDRDP.

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