success story from challakere

Challakere talluq's Project officer gave 30,000 rupees under sampoorna surksha claim settlement to smt ratnamma.

success story from chitradurga

Chitradurga district's Bharamsagar zone's Nanda took Prgathi Nidhi loan of Rs 20,000. She started Fruit shop and she is earning a daily income of Rs 200-300.

success story from chitradurga

Chitradurga district's Madanayakanahalli zone's  Sakirabi took Pragathi Nidhi loan of Rs. 20,000. She is running a Kirana store from this money. She is now earning a daily income of Rs 400 to 500.

success story from Kudligi

Kudligi talluq's Ujjini zone's Ratnamma took Pragathi Nidhi loan of 45,000 to start her own business of Flour Mill. Now is getting a daily income of 200 from the mill and leading a peaceful life.

success story from holalkere

Holalkere talluq's B.Durga zone's Sudha took Pragathi Nidhi loan of 10,000 to do Sughandhraj Cultivation. She earns Rs 200-300 from this daily.

success story from sorab

Sorab talluq's Kubera took Pragathi Nidhi loan of 20,000 to invest in cultivating his 5 acres of land. In his field he cultivated Ginger, Paddy and Corm. He also invested in Organic cultivation for Areca Nut and Banana plantations. He is earning 1,80,000 from the harvest of all these.

success story from Udupi

Kundapur's Haladi zone's Hardalli- Mandalli work area's Smt. Susheela, joined Shri Krishna SHG 5 years ago.  She started with a small plan of rearing animals. She started small and took Pragathinidhi loans upto 3 lakhs. SHe has total of 4 cows. She is putting daily 25 to 30 liters of Milk she gets to Dairies. From the income she got from milk business she got her kids degree in engineering. on 21 Jan 2013 she started Gobar gas plant. She then invested 26,100 from her income to get solar lighting for her house. She is part of "Model Family" in Animal Husbandry. She is cultivating Green Grass as well as mixed variety of grass for cows in 30cents of land.