SKDRDP with its mission of sustainable development of poor and marginalized sections of society has a wide array of programs focusing on Financial, Social and Intellectual upliftment of the people.Apart from people development, in order to facilitate smoother rural development, SKDRDP strives to enhance rural infrastructure and environment via its awareness and development model. Since Women play a key of binding the family, SKDRDP focuses on developing women via its empowerment initiatives. There are huge array of programs under the belt of SKDRDP. Hence the programs are classified under following headings.

Agriculture Programs

The agriculture and related programs are are generally geared towards head of the family. There is specialized organization structure inside SKDRDP for the better implementation of the programs. The agriculture programs develop 3 aspects among farmers- knowledge and capacity building,  financial support and social support.

Community Development Programmes

The SKDRDP is active in various parts of the state through its Community Development Projects, to provide infrastructure support to the villages. The project is participatory in nature where, the local people form an implementation committee, implement the project in a time bound manner with local participation in the form of finance and labour.

Women Empowerment Activities

SKDRDP not only provides financial aid to the women but empowers them. With the loans, people are equipped with the abilities to make something for their future and to improve their standard of living. Also it bestows upon them the responsibility of them making their own decisions and controlling their fate.

Health Insurance

“Sampoorna Suraksha” (total security) is a welfare scheme to give financial assistance to the poor people in their days of severs health problems necessitating hospitalization. In this programme members contribute to bring security to their insecure life during sever ailment/accident.

business correspondent

Microfinance activities provide stable ground for poverty alleviation. SKDRDP also brings banking closer to people with Business Correspondence and Business Facilitator.


SKDRDP in its experience has found that addiction to liquor is a major bane for poor people. To wean away the working class from liquor SKDRDP in support from the public has promoted Janajagruthi a movement against alcoholism.