Akhila Karnataka Jana Jagruthi Vedike

Awareness against addiction

SKDRDP in its experience has found that addiction to liquor is a major bane for poor people. To wean away the working class from liquor SKDRDP in support from the public has promoted Janajagruthi a movement against alcoholism. Under this programme awareness is created through village meets, house to house canvas, jathas and community deaddiction camps against alcoholism. In the deaddiction camps addicts are treated and counseled. This is one of the more successful social initiatives of SKDRDP.

The de-addiction camp is our founder plan to wean away the liquor addicts from alcohol at their doorsteps. Started in 1997, this has become one of the most demanded programmes through the co-operation of the community. For its success, an organizing committee consisting of respectable persons of the locality in constituted and the camp is run by the active co-operation of the community.
A camp is of 8 days’ duration and a team of experts does individual and family counselling in order to bring a change of mind in the addict. Besides the actual participants, local people also come to these camps, take part in the activities, become aware of the liquor menace and give up drinking by self motivation. The entire expenses of these camps are borne by the community and follow up programmes are organized. Nava Jeevan Samithi of the de-addicted are formed to help them lead a permanently -addiction -free life.

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