Sampoorna Suraksha Health Insurance

In the safer hands

The greatest hurdle for poor families trying to stand on their own feet have been the sudden incidence of sever disease/accident requiring hospitalization. Hospitalization expenses not only drain the savings but also push the poor to the vicious cycle of debt. Occasions like, births and deaths also put strain on their meager purse.

“Sampoorna Suraksha” (total security) is a welfare scheme to give financial assistance to the poor people in their days of sever health problems necessitating hospitalization. In this programme members contribute to bring security to their insecure life during sever ailment/accident. The entire programme is designed on the basis of mutual help. Interested members of SKDRDP participate in this programme by contributing an annual subscription. Major part of the total subscription amount collected is paid to the Insurance company to look after the hospitalization expenses, for providing “treatment on credit bill basis” in net work hospitals. For this purpose selected hospitals in the project area have been enlisted as network hospitals. The remaining amount is used to provide consolation to nominee on the death of any member of the family. The programme has been formulated after studying the prevailing health insurance models in the country. Minimum administrative expenses and maximum convenience to the members remains the basic motto of the programme.

Apart from from building the future for poor people, its necessary to keep the the present in good strength. Health Insurance is one such thing which builds strong foundation for the present state of affairs. In order to build a strong foundation Sampoorna Suraksha was established to give excellent medical facilities to poor people.

SKDRDP has tied up with the insurance companies for providing coverage of hospitalization expenses for the poor called Sampoorna Suraksha. This program collects pre-designated premium to provide hospitalization coverage, meet maternity expenses, death compensation, calamity compensation, domiciliary treatment and accidental coverage.

Sampoorna Suraksha is a section 25 company and a subsidiary of SKDRDP.

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