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Our Programmes

Agriculture Programs

The agriculture and related programs are are generally geared towards head of the family. There is specialized organization structure inside SKDRDP for the better implementation of the programs. The agriculture programs develop 3 aspects among farmers- knowledge and capacity building,  financial support and social support.

Community Development Programmes

The SKDRDP is active in various parts of the state through its Community Development Projects, to provide infrastructure support to the villages. The project is participatory in nature where, the local people form an implementation committee, implement the project in a time bound manner with local participation in the form of finance and labour.

Women Empowerment Activities

SKDRDP not only provides financial aid to the women but empowers them. With the loans, people are equipped with the abilities to make something for their future and to improve their standard of living. Also it bestows upon them the responsibility of them making their own decisions and controlling their fate.

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"Smt. Prathima resident of Honnalli, Davanagere, member of Sri Laxmi Sangha, has availed loan from SIDBI and invested it in setting up a shop of manure, cement and cattle feed."

"Kempayya gowda, resident of Indabettu village of Belthangady taluk, has involved himself in agriculture and also makes homemade bakery items all with the periodic loan of Rs.5.50 lakhs from Pragathi Nidhi. Today he has a monthly income of Rs. 45,000."

"Belthagady resident Laurence D Souza took periodic loan of Rs. 10 lakhs from Pragathi Nidhi. He did agriculture, dairy farming, house repair, Bio gas, constructed cow shed and grows jasmine and vegetable all with amount availed from Pragathi Nidhi."

"Smt. Yamuna a member of ShriNidhi SHG, resident of Laila took periodic loan of Rs.3 lakh to buy 4 cows and constructed cow shed. Today she sells 30 liters of milk and she says all this was possible after joining Dharmasthala Rural Development Group."

"Smt. Sajitha, resident of Charmadi is self-employed. She knows tailoring, and also does agriculture and dairy farming all with the periodic loan of Rs. 10 lakhs from Pragathi Nidhi. Today she gets a profit of Rs. 15,000 per month."

"Nagesh Gowda member of Swami sangha of Siddakatte sells SIRI products. He took Rs. 1,00,000 Pragathi Nidhi loan and started a general store. From the Rs. 2.25 lakh Pragathi Nidhi he improvised his store and started selling SIRI products, Nandini Products, vegetables and groceries. Today he has a daily income of Rs. 5,000-6,000."

Latest news

End of Workshop for all Regional Directors, Directors and Project Officers.

Under the guidance of Dr. D. Veerendra Heggadeji and Matrushree Dr. Hemavathi. V. Heggadeji the 3 days workshop for all Regional Directors, Directors and Project Officers has been ended. In the presence of Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, the achievement of the Project in the year 2021-22, work plan of the year 2022-23, Implementation […]

Workshop for all Regional Directors, Directors and Project officers of SKDRDP.

Rev. Dr. D. Veerendra Heggadeji inaugurated the workshop organized for all Regional Directors, Directors,  and Project officers of SKDRDP. On behalf of all SKDRDP employees, congratulated Matrushree Dr. Hemavathi V. Heggade for getting honored with the  prestigious Doctorate from Mangalore University. Regional Directors, Directors and Project Officers with great Performance were congratulated. The workshop will […]

Handover of Donation to Temple.

Handed over the donation DD of worth Rs. 1,50,000/- sanctioned from Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala to Sri Junjappa Swami Temple committee, Chikkanayakanahalli.

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Success Stories

Floriculture changed Hanumakka’s life.

Chitradurga district resident Hanumakka is a member of Chikka Hanumappa Self-Help-Group since 8 years. She took Pragathinidhi loan 5 times and invested it for agriculture and non-agricultural activities. In the 2-acres land she grew arecanut and floriculture. From the income she provided education for her children and repaid the loan.

Pragathi Nidhi helped Annapoorna to be self-employed

Annapoorna belongs to Rayabaga taluk in Chikkodi district, joined Brahmadev self help group 9 years ago. She took Pragathi Nidhi loan of Rs. 30,000, Rs. 80,000, and Rs. 1,50,000 and started vegetable business. She also took Rs. 2,00,000 SIDBI loan to improve her business. Today her daily income is Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500. Pragathinidhi […]

Success story of Ambika

Ambika, member of Shri Laxmi Sangha, Doddabanagere of Shira taluk, joined SHG in 2011-12. She has a small shop. After joining SHG she improved her shop using the guidance gained from the group. Initially she borrowed Rs. 10000 Pragathi Nidhi then Rs. 25000 and invested to improvise her shop. Later she borrowed Rs.1,00,000 Pragathi Nidhi […]

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Our Board

Dr. D Veerendra Heggade


Smt. Hemavathi V Heggade

President, Jnanavikasa Programs

Sri. Surendra Kumar


Sri. Uday Kumar Shetty


Sri. Sampath Samrajya


Sri. Shyam Bhat


Sri. Y Nageswara Rao


About Us

The Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRDP) was founded with single important purpose of "Inclusive Rural Development". To achieve this we created 3 main things for Individuals. They were Loans, Insurance & Pensions which ushered Financial Stability.

  • Linkage to banks (earstwhile Pragathi Nidhi)
  • Sampoorna Suraksha Health Insurance
  • NPS now Atal Pension Yojana (APY)

To enable people to inculcate the habit of helping others, we started organizing Self-Help Groups which are called as Pragathi Bandhu Groups (PBG). Our lending and Training programs are geared towards members and their families. As every family has 3 types of people, we have special programs focused these 3 focus groups.

  • Family Head - huge array of programs under Agriculture division.
  • Women Empowerment - Jnanavikasa to make them self-sustainable.
  • Children  SujnanaNidhi scholarship

Apart from family, Community also matters, hence we have a special division called as CDP (Community  Development Programs) to develop the Rural Infrastructure.