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Sweetness of success with mixed crops

Mandya:  If you get into the two acre, 26 gunta flat farmland of Deepu Bai, you would wonder about this lady. Though it is a mixed farming of sugarcane and flowers, there is everything and it is really eye catching.

There are flowers, lemon, rose, coconut, toor dal yields. Though Deepu Bai is not from traditional agriculture family, she gets good income from crossandra and toor dal, with her modern agriculture methods.

She was not an exception from the usual problems faced by the farmers. But she was a fighter. First and foremost, she became a Dhanalaxmi member of a group sponsored by the Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project. She mechanized farming utilizing the Pragatinidhi provided by the group. The idea of mixed farming and continues drip irrigation through a borewell clicked.

She provided sand fertilizers once in a year and provided special liquid fertilizers to chikku and lemon saplings now and then. Disinfectants are usually used with irrigation itself. So, her 2 acre 26 gunta farm land has become infection-free and she gets quality yield. She uses organic fertilizers time-to-time without fail.

Another formula of her success is- she is not dependent on laborers. Deepu Bai and family members themselves work in the field. From the annual crop lemon they get Rs 50,000, from crossandra they get Rs 40,000 and from toor dal they get around Rs 1,00,000. Thus their annual income is around Rs 2,00,000. Installation of modern technology and with minimum use of labourers increases the income.

“With the information and direction of the SKDRDP one can achieve financial profit and increase their income,” said Deepu Bai and their family members.

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