Three-day workshop inaugurated

The utmost aim of Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project is welfare of people. Just like a mother, the area project officers should convince people and implement programmes with their skill, said Dharmadhikari Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade.

After inaugurating the three-day workshop for area project officers at Vasantha Mahal in Dharmasthala on Thursday, he said that one should remember that they are working for SKDRDP and work sense should be alert. Everyone should set their mindset according to their positions in the organization there should be a mixture of patience and strictness.

“Never give up yourself for political pressure. Meanwhile, don’t bother about baseless allegations. They are like stones in the path of river. They can’t stop our progress, but they check our activities. Be proud about your work, but don’t be swollen headed,” he said.

‘Each one should work’

Hemavathi Heggade reminded that everyone’s effort is needed for the success of an organization. She stressed on the importance of rain water harvesting not only by rejuvenating tanks, but also in every house to root out shortage of water. “Drought is not too far from coastal districts,” she said.

‘Change the impression’

In an informal address, Executive Director Dr L H Manjunath said: “Our aim is upliftment of the poor using bank loans which is controlled by banks only. Along with the financial benefits, we have to highlight other activities of the project, beneficiaries, training programs, pension etc.” Meanwhile, he congratulated the staff for coming out of hurdles including demonetization and achieving in the year end.