Seed ball movement gets momentum in Dharwad

This is high time to save environment, preserve natural resources. As a part of this, Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project has planned to celebrate Vanamahotsava in a big way. It involves preparation of seed balls, distribution, planting the saplings etc. Dharwad region of SKDRDP achieved the momentum in preparation of seed balls.

As per the direction of Hemavathi V. Heggade, Vanamahotsava will be celebrated for one month. Starting from the World Forest Day (June 5) every project offices will actively participate in the programme. Especially, Shree Kshethra gave more importance to prepare seed balls as the process is cheap and very easy.

The SKDRDP has an intention of preparing 10 lakh seed balls this year. More than three lakh seed balls have been prepared already. Especially, in Dharwad it has got a momentum. Till May 27, members prepared 2, 53,593 seed balls and they have a goal of preparing 3, 64,000 seed balls.

The Dharwad region involves 6 districts likely Dharwad, Haveri, Belgaum, Gokak, Davanagere and Chitradurga. According to statistics, the achievement in seed ball preparation was as follows- Dharwad- 51,488, Haveri- 17,870, Belgaum- 43,320, Belgaum –II- 64, 900, Davanagere- 45, 315 and Chitradurga- 30,700.

In fact, these statistics show the active participation of beneficiaries in the programme. For example, in Dharwad region more than 52,000 seedballs were prepared in the first week of the movement. Dharwad, Khanapur, Bailahongala, Jagaloor, Davangere taluks crossed the target already, which reflects the enthusiasm. Moreover, the process of preparing seed balls is still going on.

To prepare the seed balls, first mix three parts of soil with one part of cow dung compost. Healthy seeds (1 or 2) should be used for the seed balls. These seed balls should be dried under the sunlight for two hours. They can be dropped in forests, river or banks of lakes, school or temple surroundings etc. Anyhow, cooperation of public has given a great start to this programme.