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Rajeshwari , a multi-talented from Sullia

We know people who master one or two skills. But, Rajeshwari of Boliyamajalu in Sullya taluk is master of many skills.

Now days we rarely find people who have expertise in hand stitching. But, Rajeshwari can stich using different types of colourful threads and can beautify bangles, ear rings etc. She would prepare more than 30 materials including attractive flowers, mat, jalli, bag, cloth materials to increase the beauty of house, which include decorative as well as day-to-day use works.

Along with this tailoring, adding kuchu to sarees, embroidery of blouses and sarees and mastered the skill of painting of fancy bangles, chains, mobile cover and glass painting etc. The art of painting on cloth is rare. She knows to stitch different designs in sarees and blouses using machine.

In fact, she studied upto tenth standard. Still she believed herself and knew that she can achieve something different in life. She joined Mahila Jnanavikasa Sangha of Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project. She got a platform to learn by observing others without any training. She got financial aid from the banks through the projects. By investing the money she opened a large sewing centre. Because of her talent, her designs got demand very early.

Rajeshwari provided job to five others. She trained 34 members of the group in tailoring. The tailoring courses were divided into 15 days, one month and six month. “In fact, her father was a very good tailor and he was the first teacher for her. She learned preparing fancy designs with her sister. The Mahila Jnanavikasa programme provided proper platform for her talent,” said Coordinator Mamata.

The commitment, hard work and effort of Rajeshwari to earn her bread using her talents were model for others. She has become an achiever by earning thousands of rupees, after all her expenses every month. She can be a model for girls who sit in their home as they don’t have higher education.