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‘Savories made life Sweeter’

“Motivation, training and hassle free credit from Self Help Group helped me to upscale my business.  Now I am earning Rs.750/- to Rs.1000/- per day ” says Smt. Laxmi Devara (8050161711), member of ‘Nagadevathe’ self Help Groupin Dharwad. Prior to the formation of SHG, Laxmi Devara was preparing savories in small scale and selling them locally. Though she had the intention of expanding her business, she could not do it due to shortage
of funds. She could not afford to borrow either from banks or moneylenders as former requires collateral and later is very expensive.

Her life took a turn in 2011, When SKDRDP expanded its SHG operations to Dharwad district of Karnataka. On motivation from SKDRDP field animators, Laxmi devara along with her peers formed ‘Nagadevaathe’ SHG.  After regular savings for a period of 12 weeks she borrowed first loan of Rs.10000/- and utilized it for her business. As her SHG grew older she borrowed larger amounts. So far she has borrowed more than Rs.2.80 lakh and utilized same for business expansion.  Now she has employed 4 members and is supplying products at wholesale rate to the shopkeepers in neighboring towns. Now Laxmi Devara is an inspiration to many Rural SHG women who aspire to be self reliant.

Translate : Vasanth (SKDRDP)


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