Sampoorna Suraksha Health Insurance Scheme.

SKDRDP has implemented Sampoorna Suraksha Health Insurance Scheme to it’s interested members of SKDRDP promoted SHG’s to give financial assistance for their severe health problems necessitating hospitalization.

In the year 2022-23, 2,63,690 families 8.74 lakh members have been registered for Sampoorna Suraksha.

15 thoughts on “Sampoorna Suraksha Health Insurance Scheme.

  1. I have done sampurn suraksha scheme from belgaum for delivery bill amount but they rejected my application. I want clarification that why they rejected my application.

  2. They are saying ” first child name has to be there in card”
    But this thing you should tell us while creating that card right. After applying for insurance you are telling this reason then what should we do. We have wasted our almost 3000 to make that card and not getting benifit from it. I want the claim amount for this because it’s not our problem that our head didn’t told full information to me.

  3. We called several times for the Helpline number but we didn’t get an on-time response. Every time call is waiting.

      1. No one is receiving call from that number..yesterday my uncle admitted in KMC hospital, MANIPAL.since yesterday I call to your registered number several times but no one is picking the call..even I sent text message..plz do some something it’s an emergency..Policy number is 2300677271071

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