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Clothing business made Mrs. Shaila Self-Reliant.

Mrs. Shaila resident of Kundagola Taluk joined the SHG with the help of Sevaprathinidhi when her family was struggling due to financial problems. At present, she is a member of Sneha self-help group and Durga Devi Jnanavikasa Kendra.

After joining the group, she first took a Pragathi Nidhi loan of Rs. 10,000 and invested it for agriculture purpose, from the agriculture activities a fair amount of income was coming but it was not sufficient for the family management.

Periodically she took Rs. 50,000 loan to start her own cloth shop and Rs. 2,00,000 loan to improvise the shop.

After starting clothing shop, her financial condition has been improved, she earns a monthly income of Rs. 9,000 which helps her in educating her children.

She says reason for her success is Lord Manjunatha Swami’s and Rev. Shri. D. Veerendra Heggadeji’s blessings, good support from officials and timely given financial aid.


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