success story

Life Changing Story of Umabai.

Mrs. Umabai resident of Salur village was living a life of poverty, having no own house and sanitation facility.

She lived in her mother’s small hut. She was doing tailoring and her husband was doing electrical equipment repair work. In 2010 she joined the SKDRDP group and started saving money. At first, she took a Pragathinidhi loan of Rs. 10,000 to build a sanitation facility.

She attends weekly group meetings from which she implements discipline, business knowledge and conversation skills in her life.

Periodically, She took Rs. 11 lakh loan for house repair, agriculture, educating children, site purchase and home construction. She became self-employed and timely repaid the loan.

Attending Jnanavikasa programmes every month she adopted the knowledge in herself. She says she developed a lot after joining the group.

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