Janajagruthi Jatha programme.

Janajagruthi Jatha was organized in collaboration with SKDRDP Sakleshpura Taluk and Janajagruthi Vedike. This Janajagruthi Jatha was organized to create better Society free from Bad habits and addiction.

This programme was inaugurated by Municipality President Shri. Kaadappa, Presided by Janajagruthi Vedike member Sri. Umanath Suvarna, District Director Mrs. Mamatha Harish Rao, District Janajagruthi President Sri. Naveen Chandra Shetty, Reporters Society President Sri. Prasanna Kumar, Janajagruthi Vedike members, Project Officer Sri. Purushotham, Disaster Management Co-Ordinator and other officials were present in the programme.


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