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Women’s Conference and Achievers Programme at Dharwad

President of SKDRDP Rev. Shri. D. Veerendra Heggade inaugurated the Pragathi Bandhu SHG Women’s Conference and Achievers programme organized by SKDRDP® at Ananda Magdum Kalyan Mantap, Dharwad and said, women hold the responsibilities of her family even with job. So, the knowledge gained by her are the reason for financial growth of the family.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mine of India Sri. Pralhad Joshi said, SKDRDP is providing various trainings through self-help groups which helped women to lead self-reliant life. Also, SKDRDP is working hard to establish various programmes formed by the government for the growth of women.  The MLA of Hubli-Dharwad West Sri. Arvind Bellad presided over the programme.

Later, the women who took loan from self-help group and started self-employment were felicitated in the programme.

The Regional Director of Dharwad Sri. Vasanth Salian, State President of Janajagruthi Vedike Sri. Rajanna Koravi, Advocate Sri. Ananda Magdum, President of District Janajagruthi Vedike Sri. Santhosh Shetty, Coordinators of Jnanavikasa, members of SHG, Sevaprathinidhis, Supervisors and other staffs of Project were present in the programme.

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