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Jnanavikasa Changed the Life Style of Smt. Aluvelamma

Smt.  Aluvelamma is the resident of Madhugri Taluk, Tumkur District. Her husband doesn’t do any kind of work and harrases her. They own 4 acres of land in which she started growing millet and peanut crops by taking guidance from other farmers and lead her life. But she had not received much income due to yield of the crop was not so much. So, she started going for labor work. By living in old house, it was difficult for her taking care of her son and maintain life. In this situation, she got information about SKDRDP groups and wanted to improve her-self and joined to self-help group.

At first, for agriculture purpose she borrowed Pragathinidhi loan of Rs. 10,000/-.  After clearing this loan, she borrowed Rs. 30,000/- and started a goat farming. After one year, by sale of goats she earned average profit of Rs. 20,000/- per goat.

She joins Jnanavikasa centre and got information about health, education, by reading books and street play programmes. She participates in every study tour and got information about self-employment, agriculture and animal husbandry and adopts it in her land and earned good yield.

She participates in the “ರೈತ ಕ್ಷೇತ್ರ ಪಾಠಶಾಲೆ (Farmer’s Field School)” programmes to get more information for the agricultural development.

She says SKDRDP not only provides loans, but also provides information about self-employment and other informations needed for women.

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