CRE – Computer Training Programme

The computer certificate distribution programme was organized at CRE center, Laila. The Principal of Vani College, Prof. Yadupati Gowda distributed the computer certificates to trained students and said, the computer knowledge is very important in all the job fields. Back then, there was a saying that if a person had no education, they were equal to cows. But now even an educated person is equal to cows if they do not have computer knowledge. With providing good education, CRE center is also providing job based trainings.

The Computer Training is registered under Rastriya Computer Saksharatha Samithi Yojana. The certificates and marks card were distributed under Kausalya Yojana.

The certificate was distributed to total 31 students. The Principal of CRE Sri. Somanatha K., Manager Sri. Annu Gowda, Computer teacher Smt. Jayashree were present in the programme.

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