Pragathi Bandhu Groups

Developed by SKDRDP, "Pragathi Bandhu" is a unique model in which 5-8 farmer members organize themselves to form Self-help Groups that center around the farm development activities through labor sharing. Such groups organize and empower small and marginal farmers and laborers through the transfer of governance to village level. By promoting compulsory labor sharing one day in a week for performing individual and community tasks, each group member works for the other members of the same group for one day in a week. This has helped thousands of small farmers to complete their important farm works.

The Pragathi Bandhu Groups have helped in building the confidence of the small farmers and their resilience against adverse situations have greatly enhanced. As a result, these farmers are able to face situations like droughts, floods, etc., in a composed manner.

Women Self Help Groups

Started in the year 1993, SKDRDP had been organizing 10-20 women from the vulnerable sections of the society to form Self Help Groups. The philosophy behind Women Self Help Group centered around empowering the women member which inturn leads to the development of their families. This makes them self confident and one of the decision taking members of the family. Added to this, the group dynamics, certain practices of the group, the social empowerment trainings conducted for the group member would permanently change the status of the woman in the family and in the society. As a result of the women SHG movement the women could improve their livelihood, take up new livelihood activities and support to the income of the family.

25-30 groups organize themselves into a PBG/SHG Federation and all the members of the federation conduct review meeting once in a quarter for enabling smooth running of the groups and development of member families. Sub-committee with 12 members consisting of the office bearers of the federations, members of  documentation committee, Field Supervisor and Sevaprathinidhi is formed in the federation to ensure the credit requirement of the members/groups and make recommendations for loans.

A five year farm plan and annual plan/credit plan prepared by a member of a PBG/SHG in consultation with his/her group, the Field Supervisor and the Sevaprathinidhi provides the much-needed help to his/her family. Through such collective action, the community can implement development activities.  As planned in the credit plan, these groups also provide micro-credit assistance to their members primarily for farming activities, non-farm/livelihood activities, creation of infrastructure and other needs.

Young people Joint Liability Groups

To support the unemployed/ underemployed youth in the villages, SKDRDP has started promoting Joint Liability Groups consisting exclusively of young men and women. NABARD has formulated a scheme for such groups and has sought the support of the Grameen Banks for linking such groups with bank credit. Special higher provisions are made for availing credit.

Special Features:

  • Consisting of five to eight young people in the neighborhood as members.
  • Undergo the training and capacity building for making them eligible to get linked with the bank.
  • They prepare business plans for taking up micro enterprises.
  • They undergo skill training with the neighborhood training institutes.
  • Borrow money for setting up micro enterprises.
  • Weekly meetings and weekly repayment.

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