Health Insurance

Social security schemes

The Govt. of India dreams that the health as well as the life of every civilion of the nation have to be secured. In order to bring the people under these assured security, the government has launched various health insurance, life insurance and pension schemes alongwith additional provisions from its end. Having the similar thoughts, in  tie up with other institutions, SKDRDP has launched some schemes for SHG members and their families and also promotes the government schemes through its channel.

Sampoorna Suraksha Health Insurance scheme

The greatest hurdle for poor families trying to stand on their own feet have been the sudden incidence of severe disease/accident requiring hospitalization. Hospitalization expenses not only drain the savings but also push the poors into the vicious cycle of debt. Occasions like, births and deaths also put strain on their meager purse.

Apart from building the future for poor people, it is necessary to keep the present in good strength. Health Insurance is one such thing which builds strong foundation for the present state of affairs. In order to build a strong foundation Sampoorna Suraksha was established to give excellent medical facilities to poor people.

“Sampoorna Suraksha” (total security) is a welfare scheme to give financial assistance to the poor people for their severe health problems necessitating hospitalization. In this programme, members contribute to bring security themselves to their families’ insecured life during severe ailment/accident. The entire programme is designed on the basis of mutual help.

Interested members of SKDRDP promoted SHGs register their families in this programme by contributing an annual subscription. Maximum of six members of a family can be registered in a policy. At the rate of Rs. 20000/- per a member, any member of the family can take the treatment of total worth of Rs. 120000/- on prorate basis.

Network hospitals, package system and cashless treatment are the unique characters of the programme. Under the scheme expense package for treatment of all the eligible health issues is pre-fixed and the patients are allowed for providing “treatment on credit bill basis” in network hospitals. For this purpose renowned hospitals in the project area have been enlisted as network hospitals. The registered person can get admitted to the hospital, get best treatment and get discharged without paying the bill. The patient registered can take treatment in non-network hospitals in special cases and get re-imbursement of the expenses after submitting bills.

SKDRDP has tie up with the insurance companies for providing coverage of hospitalization expenses for the poor under Sampoorna Suraksha. This program collects pre-decided premium to provide hospitalization coverage, meet maternity expenses, death compensation, calamity compensation, domiciliary treatment and accidental coverage.

Sampoorna Suraksha is a section 25 company and a subsidiary of SKDRDP.

Aarogya Raksha Health Insurance scheme 

As such, all the SHG member families are not secured under Sampoorna Suraksha scheme. The motive to secure the health of all the member families made SKDRDP to come out with a new scheme namely ‘Aarogya Raksha’ in which the SHG member and his/her spouse are brought under the health security.

The unique characters like network hospitals and package system remains the same here as Sampoorna Suraksha, but only 80% of the total hospital expenses can be claimed and remaining 20% has to be paid by the patient. A special facility of Rs. 200/- a day is paid for 5 days to the beneficiary as ‘Hospi cash’. Critical illness facility amount of Rs. 50000/- including eligible claim amount of Rs. 20000/- for the severe deadly diseases like cancer, kidney failure, cancer, heart attack, organ transplanting etc. and for accident treatment. The registered person can get admitted to the hospital, get best treatment and get discharged without paying the bill. The patient registered can take treatment in non-network hospitals in special cases and get re-imbursement of the expenses after submitting bills.

Microbachat :  micro-insurance

When most of the members of Self Help Groups were not much exposed to life security through coverage under life insurance, in tie up with Life Insurance Corporation of India, SKDRDP started creating awareness in SHG members about Jeevan Madhura, a micro-insurance policy and bringing them under the policy. LIC of India has recognized SKDRDP as the Corporate agent.

In continuation, on launching Microbachat, a micro-insurance policy similar to Jeevan Madhura, SKDRDP has been promoting the policy among SHG members and their members of their family, registering them under the policy and collecting the premium on behalf of LIC. It is also giving service in getting claims also.

Pragathi Raksha Kavach  –  Loan cum life Insurance scheme

The risk of the loan borrowed by any member of a Self Help Group is shared among all the members of the group. Death of any member borrowed loan puts all the members into financial risk. Looking at this risk, in a tie up with Life India Corporation of India, SKDRDP has come out with a comprehensive loan cum life insurance policy namely Pragathi Raksha Kavach.

In this policy, both the borrower and the loan utilizer are brought under this policy on paying the pre-fixed premium and the insurance risk is covered to the extent of the sum of loan borrowed or the outstanding of the loan during the policy gets activated. In case of death of either the borrower or the utilizer, the insurance amount claimed is adjusted to the loan outstanding loan amount at the time of death and remaining amount is paid to the nominee.