Our Subsidiaries

Siri Gramodyog –A SKDRDP Subsidiary

SIRI being a unique organization providing the much needed backward and forward linkages for rural women, provides wide varieties of trainings for the prospective and existing women entrepreneurs.  Once trained at these training centres the entrepreneurs can sell the products under SIRI brand name or build their business on their own. If the entrepreneurs want to work under us, then we provide them with raw materials as well as purchase their finished products and take the onus of selling the product on ourselves.

SIRI has collaborated with following institutes for training:

  • Centre  for Rural Excellence, Belthangady
  • National Institute for SHG Training (NIST), Udupi
  • Mahila Jnanavikasa Training Institute, Dharwad
  • Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI)
  • National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD)
  • DATC
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI)
  • College for Leadership and Human Resource Development (CLHRD)
  • India Industrial Garment Machines (IIGM), Bangalore

SIRI Products are listed below.


Fruits are an important source of energy. However their availability is seasonal and they are perishable. Hence, they need to be processed and preserved which also results in value-addition. Squashes can be made from these seasonal fruits. This product is licensed under FPO (A Govt. of India organization)


Pickles is part of every Indian meal. Those tasty morsels of vegetable/fruit drenched in oil and suffused with spices. Various kinds of pickles are produced in 2 production unit where SHG members are working to produce about 4 tons of pickles per month. This product is licensed under FPO (A Government of India organization), and SIRI has well equipped laboratory to check the quality.


Indian cuisine boasts of a wide array of savories ranging from simple plantain chips to the irresistible samosa. Various kinds of confectioneries are produced in Siri. Strict Quality Control is enforced through a quality control officer to ensure Hygienic products.

Detergents & Phenyl

Siri has brought a wide range of products like detergents, liquid soaps, phenyls, bleaching powders and dish washing powders. The training for producing these items to the members is given by Small Industries Service Institute. Full-fledged laboratory is established to check the quality of the product.

Incense Sticks

The usage of agarbathi has been a part and parcel and is woven in the fabric of India. From time immemorial agarbathi has always been used on all and every occasions be it religious or an occasion for joy or sorrow. The raw agarbathi are distributed to some of the well-known companies in agarbathi industry. SHG members are producing 15 varieties of perfumed agarbathis. Necessary training and the raw materials for production are provided by SIRI.

Rexene Products

Rexene bags in various sizes and shapes for the usage of travelers and school children are produced. These Rexene products are manufactured by the members of the SHGs. All the equipment and machinery required for the production of these products is provided by SIRI.

Textile Products

To cater to the needs of growing population “SIRI” has several units which produce various types of readymade garments like casual and formal shirts, children wears, ladies garments, kurta, frock, hospital uniforms, school uniforms. The training to the members is provided by rural development and self-employment training institute (RUDSETI). Necessary trainings, machinery and the raw materials needed for production are provided by SIRI.

Fabric is being supplied from Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Mumbai. It is also providing stitching and supply service to Pantaloons and Wal-Mart companies. Siri has modern machineries like queezing machine, canvas machine, button hole machine, six-headed embroidery machine etc. Out of 250 employees, 60 are mainly for stitching in the Belthangady unit.

Now, Siri is experimenting new designs in handlooms, millets and sub-products, terracotta jewelry, Chennapatna jewelry and Chennapatna dolls along with regular products. SIRI Gramodyog is subsidiary of SKDRDP and a section 25 company.


SKDRDP in its experience has found that addiction to liquor is a major bane for poor people. To wean away the working class from liquor SKDRDP in support from the public has promoted Janajagruthi a movement against alcoholism. Under this programme awareness is created through village meets, house to house canvas, jathas and community deaddiction camps against alcoholism. In the deaddiction camps addicts are treated and counseled. This is one of the more successful social initiatives of SKDRDP.