Details about UNICEF “Save Water” project

The Program Document was signed in the month of March 2023 between UNICEF and SKDRDP BC Trust.

The project mainly concentrates on the giving awareness and sensitizing young children about the importance of Water in the present world and its effects if not used judiciously.

Hence young generation folks are the target audience in the project, it is believed that if a young person is given awareness about the importance about a sensitive issues like water, it’ll definitely make an impact in the generations to come.

Further, it was decided to identify 4,20,000 young volunteers to involve in this project and sensitize them about Water and its importance.

Another interesting aspect of this project is, it doesn’t just stop with those 4,20,000 volunteers but in turn they have to individually reach out to 4 more and give them the awareness about this project and enroll them along with them and help reach us this initiative to 16,80,000 by the end of this project.

Primarily this project aims at sensitizing one target group which will be our direct enrollment which is the young volunteers and the second / indirect group which will be sourced by our direct volunteers.

The partnership aims to reach this target by focusing on our SHG/ JLG groups, Youth organizations, educational institutions and many more.

Conclusively, this program aims in bringing together young minds who can be greatly sensitized on the major global hazard which will make them water conscious and help them reach vast audience in the coming future.