Digitization of SHG records and documents

SKDRDP has completely digitized the records and documents of all SHGs promoted by it. VB and MSQL based software developed by SKDRDP called ’Suvidha’ has facilitated digitization of socio-economic data as well as day today financial transactions of all the Self Help Groups on real time basis. This software has reduced the burden of book keeping to a great extent and also ensured proper documentation and monitoring. For end to end management of self-help groups, SKDRDP has developed ‘SKDRDP SHG APP’ in 2016. The application deals with both financial and non-financial parameters of SHG functioning. It is interactive with data stored at SKDRDP and Bank server. It is used in submitting loan demand of groups in digital form which hastens the loan processing and makes the loan available in short period. It also provides the facility to track the activities of field staffs and to evaluate them. It is dynamic and generates various reports to track the functioning and health of SHGs. This application is very much user friendly and adaptable to android phones.

Launch of digitized SHG transaction Campaign

In a first of its kind in India SKDRDP, in 2017, launched ‘Digitized SHG transaction Campaign’ which aims to convert all the transactions in SHGs to cash free mode. Under this programme, initially all the SHG members will be opening their SB accounts in banks, through which they will do all their financial transactions. These SB accounts in turn will be linked to their SHG accounts. Thus, it is ultimately resulting in cash free transactions. In spite of the initial hiccups SKDRDP is able to complete financial inclusion data of all its members. More than 3 million Prime Minister Jandhan Yojana Accounts (PMJDY) have been opened and become operational. In a tie up with NABARD, SKDRDP is providing digitised data to NABARD data base regarding financial transactions of 2,50,000 Self Help Groups in Karnataka state. In this programme the data regarding the financial transactions of the SHGs are uploaded at monthly intervals to the Eshakti portal of NABARD for the first of its kind in the country.

Digitization of Loan request

One of the new project Digitization of Loan request is started from SKDRDP B.C Trust from 01.04.2023. For this we developed one in-house application for android mobiles. By using this app members can request the required loan through their Phone. In this app they can ask loan for self and also members of the whole group. If members don’t have android phones, they can request the loan by giving Miss call to toll free number. (08048214444).

By taking these leads our Credit Officers will visit group’s weekly meeting based on members urgency. After inspection of credit officer, all members of a group should come to Common Service Centre / Customer Service Centre located in their village for authenticating the loan by giving their Biometric. After Authentication of all members of that group the loan amount will be directly depositing to loan requested member’s account.