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Smt. Rashmi Leading Self-Reliant Life from Self-Employment

Smt.  Rashmi is the resident of Makodu, Bettadapura Taluk, Kodagu District. She is a member of Shri Vinayaka SHG and Mathrushree Jnanavikasa Center since last three years. Ten years ago, cause of her husband’s addiction to alcohol she left her husband’s house with her 2 children and started living with her mother. Due to age related problems her mother is not in a position to do any work. So, she took responsibility of the family and started a fancy shop. She was able to give education to her children from the income earned from the shop. Now one of her daughter is working at cloth factory and another one is going to college. She was interested to study tailoring work and joined for the tailoring training organised by SKDRDP.  Now she is able to stitch blouses and choodidar and earns an average of Rs. 900/- per day. She also participated to the beautician training at Human Resource Training Centre, Mysore. Now she gets orders from marriage or some others functions in her village and earns Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 3,000/-.  She borrowed Rs. 50,000/- Pragathinidhi to develop the fancy shop. She says, she is grateful to SKDRDP for helping her to build her life. She is an example for how everything is possible if we have the determination and effort to achieve something.

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