De-addiction Camp Changed the Life Style of Sri. Shekar Naik

Sri. Shekar Naik is a resident of Amasebailu Village, Kundapura Taluk. He droped his education after PUC cause of poverty and engaged in agricultural work at home. He started drinking with his friends and slowly addicted himself to alcohol. In 2004 he got married with Kasturi. She faced difficulties due to his drinking habit. She took responsibility of the house and started beedi rolling and began to go for coolie work.Shekhar wasted all his money and he began to steal money from his wife’s earnings.

He had joined to the Madavi Shankaranarayana Pragathi Bandhu group in 2004 and borrowed loan. Instead of using this loan amount for any deveopmental activities he used the whole amount for alcohol only. During that time two   de-addiction camps were organised at Amasebailu. The villagers tried to join Shekhar to the camp, but he escaped.

In 2010 the 320th de-addiction camp was organized and people succeded to join Shekhar to the camp. Later, he became free from alcohol through the information he got from the camp and started living better life.

In 2012, he become the President of SHG federation, President of Navajeevana Samithi and member of Akrama-Sakrama Samithi. For the past 8 years he is working as a Secretary of Shri Uma Maheshwari Temple Management Board and also selected as a Vice-Pesident of VSSN Bank at Amasebailu.

After becoming de-addicted, beside his social services, he started growing paddy, arecanut, pepper, turmeric, banana, etc, crops in his 2 acres of land and seen lot of development. And also built his own house and started dairy and poultry farming. He is providing good education to his 2 children. Till now, he joined 19 members to de-addiction camps and succeeded.

He says the change in his life style and impovement of his family was possible only because of Rev. Shri. D. Veerendra Heggadeji’s dream programme of ‘de-addiction camp’. He heartfully thanks all the officals of SKDRDP and villagers for putting their efforts to change his life.

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